Salah failed, Liverpool made a dramatic comeback against Burnley

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Salah failed, Liverpool made a dramatic comeback against Burnley 7
Salah failed, Liverpool made a dramatic comeback against Burnley 7

Sports 247 – On the day Salah continued to fail, the brilliance of the duo Mane and Salah helped Liverpool have a dramatic victory over Burnley.

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VIDEO: Highlight Liverpool 4-2 Burnley (Premier League Round 30)

19:00 March 10 |

Heavy joy at Anfield seemed to signal a match with many goals between Liverpool and Burnley.

The early defeat did not make Liverpool flinch but also made Coach Klopp’s players stronger.

By the 29th minute, Liverpool had scored to take the lead.

Entering the second half, Liverpool and Burnley continued to create an attractive score chase.

With a safe gap, Liverpool proactively slowed down the match speed and coach Klopp also withdrew his pillars to rest to maintain strength for the match with Bayern in the middle of next week.

It seemed like this would be the final score, but in just 3 minutes of extra time at the end of the match, the two teams scored 2 more goals to end a breathtaking 90 minutes at Anfield.

Liverpool: Alisson;

Burnley: Heaton;

F5 to update…

The match is over

90+3′: Enter!!!

90+1′: Enter!!!

82′: No entry!

80′: Liverpool is actively slowing down the game.

75′: Danger!

68′: In!!!

67′: Robertson crossed the ball very well into the Burnley penalty area, but Wijnaldum couldn’t touch the ball.

65′: Westwood dribbled past Alexander-Arnold on the left wing but van Dijk was there just in time to prevent Westwood from making a cross.

55′: Liverpool is creating tremendous pressure on Burnley’s goal.

53′: Danger!

49′: Burnley had a pretty good combination, but van Dijk was there just in time to neutralize it.

The second half begins

The first half ends

45′: First half has 2 minutes of overtime.

37′: Liverpool received a corner kick on the right wing, but Alexander-Arnold’s shot was inaccurate.

31′: No entry!

29′: In!!!

24′: After scoring a goal, Liverpool is excited again and continuously causes trouble in Burnley’s goal.

19′: In!!!

16′: After colliding with Mane, Bardsley had to lie on the field.

14′: Danger!!!

6′: Enter!!!

4′: Lallana crosses the ball inside but is right where goalkeeper Heaton is waiting.

The game begins

Liverpool: Joe Gomez, Dejan Lovren are injured;

Burnley: Aaron Lennon, Jonathan Walters, Steven Defour are injured.

Two consecutive draws against MU and Everton caused Liverpool to lose the top spot in the table to Man City.

Jurgen Klopp’s team has been unbeaten in the last 9 matches in all competitions but most of the results were draws.

Salah failed, Liverpool made a dramatic comeback against Burnley

While Liverpool is showing a decline in performance since the beginning of 2019, Burnley is going in the opposite direction in the relegation race.

However, Burnley’s away record this season is not good as they only won 3 wins in 15 matches away from home.

35 – Liverpool are unbeaten in 35 consecutive home matches in the Premier League.

4 – Liverpool have kept clean sheets in their last 4 Premier League matches.

3 – Burnley only won 3 out of 15 away matches in the Premier League.

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