MU’s unexpected decision makes Erik ten Hag ‘awaken’

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MU's unexpected decision makes Erik ten Hag 'awaken' 2
MU's unexpected decision makes Erik ten Hag 'awaken' 2

I thought I would be ‘free’ after sitting in the MU hot seat, but now Erik ten Hag is gradually losing his power.

This summer, Erik ten Hag appeared as head coach of MU and was assigned by the board of directors to oversee the club’s busy summer transfer period.

Erik ten Hag appeared and immediately brought a new breeze to MU in the early stages of this season (Photo: internet)

And with the wish for the day to return to the golden age to come quickly, Erik ten Hag seems to have fallen a bit into shopping on the technology market.

Whatever comes must come, the endurance of MU’s ruling class has reached its limit.

MU's unexpected decision makes Erik ten Hag 'awaken'

Ignoring two defeats at the beginning of the season, MU is gradually returning to form recently (Photo: internet)

However, it is unlikely that Erik ten Hag will be satisfied with this `judgment` of the club.

However, the nature of the market along with the escalating player prices is the reason why MU leadership needs to consider shopping in separate months.

MU's unexpected decision makes Erik ten Hag 'awaken'

Bruno Fernandes is a typical example of MU’s success in the winter transfer window, so there is no reason why they hesitate to spend money at this ‘golden time’ (Photo: internet)

That is why Erik ten Hag insists on bringing in more rookies in the near future.

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Manchester United’s summer under the guidance of new coach Erik ten Hag (Source: Dugout)

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