Things learned after Liverpool’s destruction against MU

Things learned after Liverpool's destruction against MU 4
Things learned after Liverpool's destruction against MU 4

Liverpool temporarily returned to number one in the Premier League after a convincing 4-0 victory over Manchester United.

Liverpool `taught` Manchester United a lesson about `how to play football`, after blowing away the Red Devils with 4 unanswered goals at Anfield.

Luis Diaz had a brilliant day of competition.

Luis Diaz shows why Liverpool needed nearly 50 million pounds to recruit him.

Diaz’s brilliant performance helped Liverpool destroy MU (Photo: Internet)

Starting on the left wing of the squad, Diaz is always a constant threat to Man United’s three-man defense.

Throughout the match, especially in the first half, the Brazilian player was a `nightmare` for the Red Devils with abundant energy, creating consecutive attacks on the left wing.

With the arrival of Luis Diaz, Liverpool has a slight advantage over Manchester  City in terms of strength in depth.

Things learned after Liverpool's destruction against MU

Thiago has had an important role in the midfield (Photo: Internet)

Considered the `successor` of Xavi at Barcelona, then continued to develop his career in the colors of Bayern Munich and now, Liverpool has a boss in the midfield.

The Spanish midfielder immediately surprised coach Jurgen Klopp with his performance.

Thiago had more than 113 passes with an accuracy rate of up to 96%.

The team led by coach Rangnick was a surprise when starting with a 3-defender scheme, with the appearance of Phil Jones in the squad.

Things learned after Liverpool's destruction against MU

The defense led by Harry Maguire continued to have a bad day (Photo: Internet)

Contrary to his determined statements before the match, Rangnick seemed to be looking for a draw, instead of trying to win.

Phil Jones, Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire are just `poor victims`, in the strength that Liverpool shows.

Jurgen Klopp says it is only a matter of time before Salah returns to scoring goals.

Things learned after Liverpool's destruction against MU

Salah has cleared his front barrel again (Photo: Internet

Before that, the 29-year-old player only scored 1 goal in the last 8 matches.

The goals against MU certainly helped the player relieve pressure, and Liverpool will need the Egyptian star’s brilliant performance in the championship race with Man City, even to dream of `winning 4`

Some things off the field can cause football to become divided and disunited.

Anfield Stadium expressed emotion for Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina, when the Portuguese superstar announced the tragic death of his newborn son, following the arrival of a twin baby girl.

Things learned after Liverpool's destruction against MU

The football world is with Ronaldo at the moment (Photo: Internet)

The applause rang out all over the stands in the 7th minute. The Kop fans sang `You’ll Never Walk Alone` and if Ronaldo could witness it on TV, it would definitely make the striker

For them, football is sometimes a `medicine` to forget the troubles that life brings.

Liverpool’s impressive counter-attacks were ended by Salah (Source: Art of Football)

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