What kind of car coolant is good?

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What kind of car coolant is good? 1
What kind of car coolant is good? 1

Car coolant plays an important role in maintaining a stable temperature for the car engine during operation.

Car coolant

Car coolant has the function of cooling and cooling the car engine, helping to maintain the engine at the most ideal working temperature.

When the engine operates, the air and fuel mixture is burned inside the engine cylinder, producing a large amount of heat.

Not only that, if the engine temperature increases too high, it can cause the oil temperature to also increase, leading to the risk of the engine exploding.

What kind of car coolant is good?

In terms of operating principle, car coolant will be pumped around the engine through the water circuit system inside the engine.

We have many ways to classify coolant on the market.

Ethylene glycol-based coolant: This type of coolant is used in most vehicles and is typically identified in green, orange and yellow, making it suitable for use in most climates.

Propylene glycol-based coolant: This type of coolant is less toxic than ethylene glycol, is often blue in color, and is often used in environmentally friendly vehicles.

What kind of car coolant is good?

Car coolant

If based on the technology that car cooling products apply, we can divide them into 3 types:

Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT): Mainly used in older vehicles, is often bright green in color and must be replaced every 30,000 km.

Organic acid technology (OAT): Usually red or purple in color with a fairly long lifespan, up to 150,000 km.

Hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT): Usually orange or yellow in color and also has a long shelf life equivalent to those using OAT technology.

Normally, each car manufacturer will have its own regulations on periodically adding and replacing car coolant.

As recommended by car manufacturers, car owners should change coolant and clean car radiators every 50,000 – 60,000 km of operation.

In case the vehicle moves with high frequency, is heavily loaded and runs in hot weather conditions, the coolant should be changed sooner, after every 30,000 – 40,000 km of operation.

In addition, during use, you should also have the habit of checking cool water regularly, especially in hot weather conditions, to promptly detect problems if any.

What kind of car coolant is good?

Change car coolant

Currently on the market there are countless different brands of coolant, including the 5 most highly rated and commonly used types below.

The product comes from the Prestone brand – a company specializing in manufacturing chemicals and auto additives from the US.

What kind of car coolant is good?

Prestone coolant

Focar is a company specializing in car care products from Vietnam, but uses technology transferred from Germany.

What kind of car coolant is good?

Focar coolant

Is a product of the Bluechem Group brand from Germany.

Bluechem car coolant

Another brand specializing in manufacturing auto protection and engine care products from Germany.

The product can be used directly without diluting with water, and is especially friendly to plastic and rubber materials.

Wurth car coolant

Liqui Moly is a company specializing in oils, lubricants and automotive additives from Germany.

Liqui Moly has many different lines of coolant, most of which use advanced OAT technology, helping to effectively reduce heat, prevent rust and corrosion.

Liqui Moly coolant

Car coolant is a chemical compound that pollutes the environment, so we need to have a device to store old car coolant after draining.

If you already have the equipment and support tools available, you can change your car’s coolant at home by following the steps below.

Tools to prepare:

Cooling water

RO water and cooling system cleaning solution

Basin to store old cooling water





Then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Drain the old coolant

Note, do this when the engine compartment has cooled completely, wear gloves to check the temperature of the cooling system before proceeding.

Drain the old coolant

Step 2: Clean the cooling system

Pour in RO water, then add specialized cooling system cleaning solution into the water tank and close the lid tightly.

Clean the cooling water tank

Step 3: Replace with new coolant

Open the coolant tank cap, pour new coolant in, open the tank cap and start the car engine until you see the coolant gradually decrease and air bubbles appear on the surface.

Wait for the condensed air to escape, then stop, then add coolant until full, then lock the tank lid tightly.

Pour in new coolant

*Note: Carefully read the instructions for use printed on the packaging before use to determine whether this is diluted or concentrated.

Car coolant is circulated in a closed cycle so the possibility of loss is very small.

Therefore, if you see the car’s coolant draining unusually quickly, it is likely that the cooling system is experiencing one of the problems below.

1. Coolant is leaking out

Coolant is lost quickly, the common cause is due to leaks in the pipe system, seals, tight joints, or worn hole plugs on the engine, etc. Some serious cases

Causes cooling water to drain quickly

2. Coolant leaks into the combustion chamber

This is a serious error and needs to be fixed immediately.

If not detected and handled promptly, it can cause the engine to operate unstable, the vehicle to have difficulty starting, the vehicle to vibrate or even stall in the middle of the road.

Above is all the information about car coolant, hope the information is useful to you.

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